Turning On The Power

Relationship (How and why)

Matthew chapter 7 v 21 23, Ephesians 5 v 19, Genesis 24 v 45


Ephesians 6 v 10 19 (Put on the full armour of God)

Ephesians 6 v 18 19 (Pray at all times "In The Spirit")

Mark 9 v 29, Matthew 17 v 21 (Prayer and fasting)

Genesis 17 v 8-13 (Pray each day for your leaders and each other)

Nehemiah 1 v 6, 2Chronicles 7 v 14, Daniel chapter 9 (Confess all your sin, the sin of your ancestors, the sin of your city and the sin of your nation, continuously asking God to forgive the sin and cleanse the land once more)

Ephesians 4 v 1-16, 1 Corinthians 12 v 12-30 (you must do and be allowed to fulfil your God appointed role in the church.


John 5 v 19 Mark 16 v 16 18 (We should never act on impulse, only on command)


Exodus chapter 3 (Moses is commissioned and empowered only when he turns aside)

Matthew 6 v 5-6 (disciples are empowered only when they draw aside)

Matthew 12 v 29 (you do the binding and loosing)

Matthew 16 v 16 (You must overcome the strongman through prayer and fasting)

Acts chapter 1 v 5 (Ask and it shall be given you)

Quote from Norman Swartzkopf American army commander during the first "Gulf War" said the following in answer to the question "when are you going to launch operation desert storm?" He replied "The battle of the air must be won before the ground offensive can begin".

The Roman shield covered the bearer and part of the person next to him. If a separate list is made of all the ladies in the church and another for the men, if the person at the top of the list prays for the next person down and so on each day just for say five minutes, and the person at the bottom of the list prays likewise for the one at the top, then each person in the church will be covered in prayer each day at the cost of just five minutes or more if you feel so led.

Mark 5 v 10 People ask if there are such things as "territorial" demonic spirits. Read this passage in St Mark's gospel and ask yourselves this question "If these demonic spirits were not territorial, why did they beg Jesus not to send them out of the district?

The Vision

I saw a scene where the sea was rolling in gently up a beach, hitting the cliffs as it came in. Later I saw the same scene with the cliffs having been worn away completely by the sea.

The Interpretation

I asked God what the vision was intended to teach me. He replied that it is not so much the occasional though powerful prayer meeting once a week or once a month that does the greatest damage to the kingdom of darkness, but persistent faithful prayer by God's chosen people day by day that will demolish the strongholds of the powers of darkness in your town, city and nation. The more prayer there is, the greater the effectiveness.

If everyone in an average church prayed for God's mercy and forgiveness on the land and for Him to come and bring renewed fire and power to the church and all its members, for just five minutes per day, this would total more than the equivalent of 10 24 hour prayer meetings every day. Are you prepared to be woken for just five minutes during the night for the sake of the salvation of souls in the place where you live? If you do not make the effort, then who on earth will?

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